Our instructors are Yoga Alliance certified and teach the classes they love the most. This means you will get the best they have to offer.


Laura Case

Yoga brings an interconnectedness that is lost in a world of screens and texting. Bonds are made by practicing with likeminded people. I enjoy bringing my community together by teaching classes with modifications for everyone's needs. Nurture your body, mind and soul, it's all connected.

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Hiromi Arico

When I started practicing yoga in 2001, it was just a physical reason. I had a lower back issue and practicing yoga 3 times a week made me gain strength & flexibility and I felt good. I was told to be a teacher by one of the teachers but I thought “teaching” was not in me. She kept asking me. I denied a few times...or more, then finally, I said OK and took a teacher training at Yogaworks in 2007. Everything changed. I purely wanted to share what I learned. 

I’ve been teaching since then, and I am becoming kinder, happier and more loving because of yoga. They say “yoga is lifestyle” and I believe it is.

Look forward to meeting more yoga brothers and sisters!


Tanya King

Tanya’s study of yoga began as a small child when she would join her Buddhist grandmother in her daily practice. Learning yoga in this simple and connected way gave Tanya the foundations of her practice that would span over 20 years. After falling very ill following the birth of her third son, Tanya became deeply dedicated to a daily practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation, attributing much of her recovery to them. Now a certified 200 yoga instructor, Tanya believes that the beauty of this practice is one that every body can enjoy. Tanya is passionate about social justice, accessible yoga, and sharing the simple power of breath with anyone who will listen. 


Mandee Rose

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Yoga Teacher. Born and raised in Connecticut, I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago to pursue my creative career and ended up becoming a Yoga Instructor, 200hr Power Yoga with CorePower Yoga and 50hr Yin Yoga. When I'm not expressing my love for all things art, I teach Power Flow, Fusion, Restorative & Yin Yoga to all levels and ages. I've been personally practicing for the last 7 years and teaching for 2.

For me, sharing Yoga is my way of giving back to the world. Restoring our bodies and minds to a natural state of consciousness. Yoga has been a mental and physical release for me. My initial reason for practicing was to help heal my Scoliosis and to become more aware of my Hyper Mobility. You can find me photographing live subjects of all kinds, practicing with two blocks always or making my favorite smoothie bowls.